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Nutrition Challenge- 9/12 to 11/20

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ECF Food Chart

Our 10 week Nutrition Challenge designed to help you establish good eating habits and establish proper caloric intake, and meet some goals! $20 buy in, weekly prizes, and an overall prize available.
Change your life in 70 days!



  1. The challenge will run for 10 weeks, from 9/12 to 11/20
    1. First 4 weeks are based on “Phase 1”- eat clean and whole foods listed on our Endorphin Nutrition Method guide.
    2. Second 6 weeks are based on “Phase 2”-
      1. Calculate your macros and maintain for 2 weeks
      2. Determine your goal to maintain, cut, or mass and follow the protocol for 4 weeks
  2. Requirements:
    1. You will turn in a food log WEEKLY (every Sunday), detailing the food you’re eating and when, to (or in person by Monday evening)
    2. Buy in $20 per person
  3.  Events:
    1. Oct 2nd– Potluck at the gym (4pm)
    2. Oct 6th– Follow up nutrition seminar to calculate macros needed for weeks 6-10 (6:15pm)
    3. Oct 22nd– Grill night at Bonnie and Ian’s house in Bridgewater! (6pm)
    4. Nov 11th– Group dinner at Ellery’s (7:30pm)
    5. Nov 20th– FINAL POTLUCK and winner announcement! (4pm)
    6. Group shopping trip- TBD!!
  4. Prizes – There will be WEEKLY winners based on food logs for weeks 1-9.
    Weekly prizes will vary from ECF Apparel to Gift Cards to Jump Ropes and more!
    Announced weekly on Tuesday (for previous week)

    1. Week 1: least amount of cheats
    2. Week 2: most Endorphin CrossFit tagged meal pictures (FB or IG)
    3. Week 3: most amount of variety of vegetables
    4. Week 4: best evenly spread meal timing
    5. Week 5: most measured meals (in grams)
    6. Week 6: least amount of cheats (still eating clean!)
    7. Week 7: most Endorphin Kitchen tagged meal pictures (FB or IG)
    8. Week 8: most variety of workout intensities
    9. Week 9: TBD!
    10. Week 10: FINAL WINNER! Winner based on food log:
      1. Least number of cheats (1 point for each cheat)
      2. Most food variety (-1 point for each new food)
      3. Least missed meals (1 point for each missed meal)
      4. Best met goal (based on % of change from initial weigh in)