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ECF Nutrition Guide

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This is our bible.

The number one goal we talk about with people is losing weight. Well, we’ve got news for you. You’re going to have to work at it. The good news is, you don’t have to go at it alone! It’s actually fairly easy. But you are going to have to start by making some changes. We’ve covered this topic at lengths, but we will start here again.

FIRST- look at your current diet. Does it include the foods above? Does it include things that AREN’T listed above? Stop right there! By limiting your diet to only the foods listed above you can SIGNIFICANTLY reduce inflammation and fat storage. You’ll start to feel better and look better, too.
Your first action item: eat only from the foods listed above, expanding only the fruits and vegetables. Eat 3-5x a day, ideally prepping your meals at home or using a paleo food service.

SECOND- get your butt to the gym! Abs are “made in the kitchen” (AKA what you eat), but muscle definition doesn’t come from sitting on the couch. You have to move them and use them. Plus, exercise releases these really awesome hormones call Endorphins. We hear they make you feel AMAZING! And weight lifting helps burn calories long after you’ve put the weights down.
Your second action item: routinely work out 3-5x a week, ideally incorporating resistance training. As a member of ECF you’re already in good hands! Just keep showing up.

THIRD- and in many ways this should be FIRST- get more sleep. I don’t care WHAT your excuse is. It’s just that- an excuse! Sleep is #1 most important and efficient way to manage your hormones, and your hormones control you. Your mood, your recovery, your body fat storage, etc. 7 hours is a MINIMUM recommendation, 8-9 hours for an active adult is ideal.
Your third action item: sleep at least 7 hours each night, in a blacked out room with no electronics. Don’t make excuses, just do it. Make sleep your first priority!